Pedro Pessoa

Web developer



Maryland | 2018 - Now
Web developer & designer (Go, Javascript, SCCS)
  • Front and back end development of websites from idea to publishing
  • Clients ranged from a local painter who wanted a personal website to show his work, to an overseas ecommerce website complete with custom store and stock management


Chicago | 2018 - 2019
Web developer (Go, Javascript, SCCS)
  • Frontend: Worked on their company website, and on a number of their first revenue generating products
  • Backend: Worked on the already existing code base to increase their breadth of services


Imperial College London

London, UK | 2015 - 2016
MSc Renewable Energy Futures - School of Mechanical Engineering
  • Won the Best Thesis award for having developed a fluid flow model on MATLAB to study and optimize a Solar Chimney, a novel solar power technology

University of Maryland, College Park

Maryland, USA | 2010 - 2014
BSc Mechanical Engineering
  • Final project was the design, construction, and testing of a vibration energy harvesting device designed to be mounted on car suspensions
  • Modelling done on MATLAB; testing written in C

Recent Clients

Designer and Developer
  • Minimalistic blog for writings on analog music production
  • Extensive backend work to make the site content accessible and editable by the client
Front and backend Developer
  • Static website for award winning Brazilian author Heloisa Prieto
  • Special care given to speed and device compatibility for the Brazilian audience

Languages (in order of decreasing mastery)

Talking to humans

  • English, Portuguese, Spanish

Talking to computers

  • Javascript, Go, Python, CSS, HTML, PHP, C,Dart